Monday, July 15, 2013


we did some gardening this weekend at the house. mark and betty came over and we took out so much stuff to try and make the house more viewable from the street. I regret that I did not take any before photos and it is still a big work in progress - but here is the status. it is not complete due to the EXTREME heat! but this took us about 8 hours 

the front of the house where all that really changed is addition of the two pots - which matt bought new ones so once I replant in them I will post an updated photo. we also need to get someone out to trim this tree!!! 

we took out the side flower bed (need to add new grass now) 

here again you can see where we used to have a flower bed and you can also see that we took out the majority of the plants on the side 

without a before picture this picture really doesn't show anything but Betty trimmed this tree up for us - some of the branches were touching the ground!!! in my opinion this was one of the biggest parts of the transformation. 

matt also added this to the pecan tree in the back - I am pretty sure we are one of the only people who want squirrels in our yard... oh blue - he's so spoiled!! 

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