Friday, July 12, 2013

following directions

I went on a minor shopping spree yesterday at bed bath and beyond and came out with this kitchen island. 

we have both been wanting one and we have been trying to figure out which one... so 20% later this is the one I decided on - mainly cause it was in the store and I had a 20% off the entire purchase coupon... otherwise we would still be trying to decide. 

matt had to run some errands for the condo last night - which meant I decided to try and put it together on my own.... here are some pics of it un assembled and all over our kitchen. 

2 hours and 45 min later this is where I got. Not too bad!!! It has so far not been too difficult to put together - just time consuming. 

hopefully this will get finished this weekend - along with the condo, painting the last wall in our master and some gardening.... we are going to have a busy weekend. 

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